Dale Londos  
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Sports Massage and Active Release Techniques

Congrats Rock'n'Roll SA finishers! I managed 6:00/mile for a 1:18 in the Half. Elite Racing and SA did a great job putting on the race!

Deep Tissue Bodywork and ART upstairs inside the private gym Mind, Body & Soul @ 5025 Broadway in Alamo Heights (San Antonio).

I specialize in injury rehab, prevention and recovery from hard training. I am full body certified in Active Release Techniques (www.activerelease.com) and have extensive experience with Sports and Deep Tissue Massage.

9 years of experience treating great athletes -- from Olympians in Track and Field to local triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and all fitness enthusiasts.

I know how it feels because I train hard too! Hundreds of career racing events including -- Silver @ USATF Masters Track Champs (1500m), top 10 age group at National Triathlon champs.

I'm available 11:00 am to 8:00 pm during the week and have a few appointments most weekends. Click Here to contact me. Let's talk about your bodywork needs!

-Dale Londos, BS, LMT

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