Dale Londos  
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Deep Tissue Massage  
Sports Massage  

Howdy- Thanks for your interest in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Sports Massage. Treating athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels since 1999— from NCAA Track and Field stars, triathletes, marathoners , avid gym rats and weekend warriors in all sports

Thousands of hours searching the human body and finding those tight spots and myofascial connections related to the problem. I’ve had great success releasing the soft tissue and getting active people back out there within just a few treatments. After the treatment, I will show you exercises to help maintain your improved condition.

I combine Active Release Techniques (ART) and deep tissue massage for optimum results. ART moves the tissue through a full range of motion with tension applied to release the myofascial adhesions. The deep tissue techniques help reach the muscle fibers that may be "stuck" together from the fatigue of rigorous training.

I am one of a few Full Body ART certified practitioners in the San Antonio area. I am located on Broadway in Alamo Heights, just north of Incarnate Word University.

ART was developed and tested on professional athletes but can make a difference in people of all levels. Email or Text with your questions.

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